Genetics and Ancestry Testing

Y chromosome testing - differences in the Y chromosome is only passed from the father to the child. This examination can be efficiently used to find out ancestry in the immediate male lineage, on the other hand, just in the male line, passing the Y chromosome from one male to the next generations of males. This kind of testing must be accomplished on males since females don't have any Y chromosome. In a couple of cases, the females are intrigued by this kind of genetic testing choose a related male in doing this test. On the whole, it is the father of the child. And because Y chromosome is passed on in a similar way as are the family names in a lot of societies, this testing is usually taken advantage to assess paternity lines. For instance, whether 2 families with similar surnames are associated. The Y chromosome testing is able to trace a lot of generations, on the other hand, is restricted in that it only gives the information of male genes for the paternal side of the family. Visit the official site for more information about  best dna ancestry test .

Mitochondrial DNA testing - this type of test would recognize genetic differences in the mitochondrial DNA. And aside from the fact that a lot of DNA is shoved into chromosomes in the cell core, the cell structure known as mitochondria have a small measure of its own DNA called mitochondrial DNA. Both the females and males have mitochondrial DNA which is then passed on by mothers or just the female side. As a result, this testing may be used by either gender, on the other hand, it only gives information on the genetic equation on the female side. This test provides data regarding the immediate female lineage. This test may be beneficial for family history since it saves data regarding female progenitors that are lost from the available records in the fact that surnames are usually passed down from the lineage of males. Just the same with Y chromosome testing, this test is able to trace far back temporally, on the other hand, it fails to give a genetic equation of the male side. To understand more about 
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Automosal or STR DNA Testing - this test is done in order to acquire access to the autosomal markers being passed from by both mother and father and include the female and male lineages of both parents. This allows the physician to utilize apps like DNA reunion database to emphasize the presence of immediate family members. Learn more about DNA testing at .